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Looking for people? You have come to the right place. Innernet has built its reputation on its smalltown customer service ethic. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that you contact the right people so we can assist you as quickly as possible.

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Innernet Showroom

You can actually speak to us face to face! Visit our Internet showroom:

Downtown Chambersburg, PA (166 South Main St) 10AM-6PM Monday - Friday and 10AM-2PM on Saturday
Downtown Waynesboro, PA (98 West Main St)10AM-6PM Monday - Friday and 10AM-2PM on Saturday

Customer Care

For information about services, Innernet accounts, billing, contact Innernet customer care

CHAMBERSBURG 717.261.1960
WAYNESBORO 717.788.4065
GETTYSBURG 717.334.1960
HAGERSTOWN 301.665.1860
TOLL-FREE 800.467.3271
FAX 717.261.0154
E-MAIL care@innernet.net
HOURS 10AM-6PM MON-FRI, 10AM-2PM SAT, except for national holidays.
SEND MAIL Innernet, Inc.
166 South Main Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Technical Support

For technical assistance with your account, contact Innernet technical support. Click here to submit a trouble ticket via our Online Technical Support Form

CHAMBERSBURG 717.261.1316
WAYNESBORO 717.788.4065
GETTYSBURG 717.334.1960
HAGERSTOWN 301.665.1860
E-MAIL techsupport@innernet.net
HOURS 9AM-9PM MON-FRI, 9AM-1PM SAT, except for national holidays.

Network and Technology Consulting

For our technology specialist and information regarding our network services, cabling, and integration services

PHONE 717.261.1960 (Chambersburg local calling area)
TOLL-FREE 800.467.3271 (Outside the Chambersburg area)
E-MAIL networking@innernet.net
HOURS 10am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, except for national holidays.

Web Feedback

For any issues regarding the Innernet Web site, please send e-mail to the Webmaster

E-MAIL webmaster@innernet.net


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