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Give us a call and we will help you chose the right high-speed Internet service to fit your needs. Listed below are the DSL packages Innernet currently offers. The prices shown are monthly service costs listed by maximum connection speed.

  • No cable service required
  • Taxes and surcharges included in price
  • No-term option available
  • Unlimited data and devices
  • Surf the Web and talk on the phone
  • $10/hr network and PC repair discount
  • Local company, free local support
  Term No Term
Home setup: $50.00 $65.00
Business setup: $75.00 $90.00
Monthly equipment rental: FREE $7.00
Equipment removal: SELF SELF
Early termination: $150.00 NONE

All packages feature:

  • 3 e-mail accounts
  • 5MB of personal Web-space
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Virus filtering
  • Spam Reduction
  • Our dedication to customer service


Monthly Asynchronous speeds* up to:
$28.75 256k/128k
$33.75 512k/128k
$43.15 Up to 1.5M/384k
$53.15 Up to 3.0M/512k
$63.15 Up to 5.0M/640k


Monthly Asynchronous speeds* up to:
$43.15 512k/128k
$63.15 1.5MB/384k
$95.15 3MB/512k
$115.15 5MB/640k

Includes all applicable taxes and fees. *Listed maximum connection download/upload speeds in bits per second.

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