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Webmail Quarantine

In order to fully control and contain spam and "Virus" and "Forbidden Attachment" messages, you can use the Quarantine in Webmail. This facility allows you to see the filtered messages, view them in a secure fashion, and either delete them or release them. Virus and forbidden attachment email cannot be released.

Quarantine Management

To view and manage your personal Quarantine simply log into Webmail by going to http://mail.innernet.net within your web browser.

Click on the tab labeled "Quarantine".

The messages displayed are all the email that BugShield and SpamShield intercepted as Spam, Forbidden Attachments or Virus, which were sent to your address.

These messages can be viewed, released or deleted.

Viewing Quarantined Messages:

To view a message simple click on the message and it will open in a new window. After viewing the message it can be released, printed, replied to or forwarded. To perform any of these actions just click on the desired function at the top of the window.

Releasing Quarantined Messages:

To release a message to you inbox for viewing or downloading to an email client such as Outlook Express or Netscape Mail you can click the release option from the message view as described above or from the main Quarantine window in Webmail by checking the square box to the left of the message and clicking the "Release" button at the top or bottom of the message list. Multiple messages can be released at once by checking multiple boxes and clicking the "Release" button. For safety reasons message containing a virus or forbidden attachment cannot be released. They can only be viewed in this safe and secure environment. Innernet, Inc. Technical Support cannot release messages containing a virus either.

Deleting Quarantined Messages:

To delete messages from the Quarantine they must first be mark for deletion. Messages are marked for deletion by checking the square box to the left of the messages to be deleted and clicking the "Mark/Unmark for Deletion" button at the top or bottom of the message list. All selected message will have a strike thought line on the sender and the subject. These messages are now mark to be deleted. If a message was marked by mistake simple check the box to the left of the mistakenly mark message and click on the "Mark/Unmark for Deletion" button at the top or bottom of the message list. The mistakenly marked message will now have the strike thought line removed while the remaining marked messages are still marked for deletion. With the desired messages marked click the "Delete Marked Messages" button at the top or bottom of the message list to permanently delete then from your Quarantine.

Spam Categories and Description

Hoax - Hoaxes cover all messages such as false virus warnings, chain letters, etc.

Adult - The Adult category refers to all types of adult and pornographic spam material.

Money -This category covers all material related to financial schemes such as how to make money fast, become your own boss, etc.

Goods - The Goods category block spam advertisements that try to sell goods, such as piracy software, instant diplomas, etc.

Health - This category is used to block health-related spam advertisements, such as diet, human growth hormones, Viagra and other pills, etc.

Miscellaneous - Messages rated as spam according to the content but that don't necessarily fit one of the other categories will be blocked under here.

Custom - Emails falling in this category have failed a set of customized filters that where created to stop the latest anti-spam prevention tactic used by more aggressive spammers to circumvent detection.

Virus - This category blocks email containing a know virus treat. This works much the same as personal antivirus software that would be install on a personal computer.

Attachment - This category blocks emails that contain a potentially harmful file attachment.

Corrupted - Email in this category contain an email, which would prevent them from being opened in a traditional email client such as Outlook Express. It may be possible to view them via Webmail. The message may or may not be spam.

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