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Innernet's Computer Repair Service

Having a problem with your computer?

Whether you are running Windows or Mac our technicians are certified in assisting you. From system crashes to driver errors, be it hardware or software, we are qualified in resolving any issue that may arise. We'll run a complete diagnostic test to find out what is wrong with your system. Just drop it off at the Innernet showroom in Kerrstown Square or contact us by phone or e-mail. We also provide on-site diagnostics, maintenance and repair, by appointment only.

- Computer Solutions
- Routine Maintenance
- Software clean-up
- Hardware up-grades and installation
- Software up-grades and installation
- Complete system rebuilds
- Hardware system rebuilds

Experiencing complications with your network? Our trained and certified Network Technicians can help. We have the ability to work on an individual system on the Network and the Server itself. Our technicians are available for on-site diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Saving you costly down time. You may also bring your computer/s into Innernet's showroom at Kerrstown Square for assistance.

- Network Solutions
- Server Problems
- Adding Memory
- Nic Cards
- Cabling and wiring
- Adding workstations
- Network Applications
- Router Equipment

  Labor Innernet Subscriber On-site Work
Computer Problems $65 per hour $5 discount per hour $35 trip charge (up to 20 miles)
Network Problems $85 per hour $5 discount per hour $35 trip charge (up to 20 miles)

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