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Innernet's SpamShield Blocked Senders (Blacklist)

SpamShield Anti-Spam System Blocked Senders List!

WARNING!!! This page is contains a list of known spam that is currently being blocked by SpamShield. Some of the material contained in this list may be objectionable or offensive in nature. If you do not want to be exposed to any questionable language it is advised that you do not continue to read this page. You can exit this page by clicking on any link or by clicking here. Innernet, Inc. is not responsible for any content on this page and will not be held responsible for misuse or interpretation of content. The Blocked Senders List was added to show that SpamShield is active and successfully blocking unwanted e-mail.

SpamShield also filters key words in the subject line of your email. We have chosen not to publish the list of filters so that Spammers can not look for ways to get around SpamShield. You may contact our techsupport department to see if a certain word is being blocked.

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