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Innernet's SpamShield Trusted Senders (Whitelist)

What are Trusted Senders?

Trusted Senders are specific email addresses that a user expressly wishes to recieve email from at all times.

Adding addresses and domains as Trusted Senders will allow them to bypass SpamShield scanning but they will continue to undergo forbidden attachment and virus scanning, by BugShield. Adding to the Trusted Senders list means less searching through your quarantine to find emails that are regularly caught.

How to Use the Trusted Sender:

Log into Webmail at http://mail.innernet.net.

Click on the "Settings" link.

Click on the "Trusted Sender" link under Email Filtering.

From here there are two options.

Add and email address or a domain name.

Adding a single email address to the Trusted Senders list is the most common. (Ex: billing@innernet.net)

Click on the "ADD" button.

  • Individual email addresses can also be added while viewing a message from the inbox or quarantine. Simply click on the "Add to Trusted Senders" to the right of the senders email address in the from line

Adding a domain name is used when multiple address from the same domain are being caught by SpamShield. (Ex: innernet.net)

Keep in mind that the total number in your white in limited to 100 entries.

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