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Innernet's E-mail Anti-Spam Scanning System

Welcome to Innernet's SpamShield Anti-Spam System Information! This page is intended to provide additional information including email availability issues, limitations, policies and procedures.

In order to fully control and contain spam and virus-infected messages, you can use the Quarantine in WebMail.

Click here to check out our Blocked Sender List. A list of known spam that is being filtereded by SpamShield. Please be aware that this list does contain words that may be objectionable and/or offensive.

What is the Whitelist?


Spam is the term used to describe unsolicited e-mail (junk mail), usually distributed randomly and mostly of a commercial nature. Just as computer viruses spam is continually evolving as new ways to prevent it are created and implemented.


The growth of spam continues to increase. Currently spam is being sent by using software which runs over an analog connection and links directly to the mail port of the victim. This type of attack is difficult to stop without also preventing legitimate mail from being accepted. Spammers often malicious, irresponsible people continue to be developed new ways of spamming. Once a spammer is identified, the account from which spam is being sent can quickly be identified and terminated. If you receive spam in your Innernet email, you may forward the email as an attachment to spam@innernet.net and we will do our best to prevent you from receiving it in the future.

Given the popularity of the Internet, Team Innernet considers it unconscionable to stand by and do nothing in the defense of our friends regarding the annoyance of spam. In your defense, we have decided to take action.

Normally, the only defense against spam is to rely on an e-mail applications filter system. However, most users are not familiar with the filters, how they work, or have little success with the settings or having to change the filter settings regularly.

Well, Team Innernet has developed our own defense against spam sent Innernet friends via Innernet, Inc. e-mail accounts. We've dubbed it "SpamShield".

SpamShield OVERVIEW:

SpamShield scans all e-mail for keywords, distribution points and headers that are common among spammers *BEFORE* the e-mail gets delivered to the recipient.

The SpamShield system consists of a suite of software tools implemented on Innernet's various e-mail servers. Developed by the leaders of the anti-spam industry and fully integrated by Innernet, SpamShield uses the most robust, accurate and up-to-date spam scanning software to scan for spam transiting Innernet's email servers.

As emails are delivered to Innernet's e-mail servers, SpamShield process the e-mail by:

1. SpamShield accepts the e-mail and examines it immediately.
2. The spam scanner is invoked, and reports the status
     (Spam Detected=Yes or No) to SpamShield.
3. If the e-mail is suspected to be "legitimate", SpamShield delivers     the e-mail.
4. If the e-mail is suspected to be "spam", SpamShield moves the     email to your quarantine folder.

Innernet's SpamShield system helps protect you from annoying, unwanted and offensive e-mail three major ways:

1. It decreases spam emails sent to your Innernet e-mail account(s).
2. It moves email suspected to be spam to the quarantine.
3. SpamShield also protects non-Innernet Internet users helping to prevent the spread of spam.

More information about SpamShield can be located here

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