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Innernet Wireless Access


Wireless communication is a flexible gateway to the Internet that uses radio frequencies to send information through the air rather than using traditional telephone communication wiring. Since extra phone lines are not needed for this gateway, there are no telephone communication service fees and it eliminates the inconvenience of tying up your phone line. Wireless Internet connections are dedicated meaning your connection is always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No busy signals, no waiting to get online, and no varying connection rates. Innernet offers speeds that can be scaled (after the initial installation) to the clients needs without installing any additional hardware. Innernet also provides you with the ability to increase or decrease your connection speed at any time (increasing or decreasing your speed will affect your payment agreement) and connect as many computers as you want (at no extra charge).

From Here To There

1»» Information is sent to an Ethernet card located inside the computer tower

2»» then the data is sent to the wireless modem

3»» where it is converted into radio signals and sent to your antenna

4»» the data is then transmitted thru the air to our receiver which processes the data and sends it out into the World Wide Web.

»»» For downloading information, the process is reversed.

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