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For technical assistance with your Internet connection or related software or hardware problems, please call the Innernet Technical Support line at 717-261-1316. For less immediate issues, you may use the form below.

Our technical support personnel are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

If you are interested in on-site installation assistance or if your computer needs to be serviced, please see our Computer Repair Services

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Internet Glossary

attachment - Data file that is sent along with a E-mail.

boot - Powering up the computer system.

browser - Software enabling you to surf and view the World Wide Web.

cache - An area in the computers RAM or hard drive that stores Web documents for quick viewing.

chat - A text conversation that takes place on the web when people are online at the same time.

click - The act of pressing the mouse button, while the cursor is positioned over an item.

client - (1.) An online computer used to communicate with servers on the net. (2.) Any software the performs the same function as in definition (1.)

cursor - The pointer arrow or graphic on the computer screen that indicates the position of a mouse.

database - Computer information that is structured and the software used to interpret it.

document - Any page containing information that that you can view with software.

download - The action of copying a file from any online source to your computer.

e-mail - Electronic messages that are sent and received.

emoticon - Punctuation symbols that when viewed sideways resemble faces. These are used to convey the mood or tone of a statement. For example: ;-)

file - Any computer data, programs that can be stored or retrieved from a hard drive are files.

frame - A Web page section that can be independent of other sections of the Web page.

graphic - Any picture on a Web page or that is contained in another file on the computer.

hard drive - Storage device that is usually contained within the computers case.

home page - The first page that loads when you launch your browser, also the main entrance of a web site.

HTML - (Hyper Text Markup Language) A language used to program Web sites.

HTTP - (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) Instructs the Web browsers that the site you are looking for is on the World Wide Web.

hyperlink - Text (usually underlined and/or a different color) or graphic that when clicked will take you to another location on the Internet.

icon - A small graphic that when clicked will activate a file on your computer.

Internet - A group of computer networks linked by communication lines that allows individual computer systems to talk to one another, for things like Web sites, E-mail, etc.

ISP - (Internet Service Provider) Any company providing access to the Internet.

Java - Programming language for designing complex, large, and secure applications for the Web.

keywords - A word or words that when entered into a search area will assist you in finding information you are looking for.

link - See hyperlink.

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